The PERSEUS Coordination and Support Action, aims at firstly defining the evolving skill needs of the European aviation sector and subsequently at formulating strategic recommendations and corrective measures for the improvement and harmonization of the content of the curricula for aviation engineers towards the ultimate creation of an integrated European aviation education system, based on sound quality criteria capable of supporting the continuous improvement of the educational system in the sector. Concurrently, this project aims at developing suitable actions and mechanisms to motivate and encourage the next generation of Europeans to get interested in Aeronautics and thus follow scientific and technical studies and careers in the Aeronautics and Air Transport research and industry.

Objective Tasks
To create a Europe wide system for aero-engineering curricula
  • Conduct a survey of the current situation in the EU, in terms of contents of curricula and accreditation processes
  • Propose a unified set of learning outcomes for aero-engineering curricula
  • Propose a staged accreditation system for the sector
To identify the skill needs in the aerospace sector
  • Deliver a set of minimum requirements for aero-engineering curricula
  • Collect the requested aerospace engineering profiles, by the European Aerospace Industry and Civil Aircraft Transport
To contribute to the harmonisation of the content of the curricula for aerospace engineers
  • Run sample testing of the proposed accreditation system, to check its feasibility on Universities from different countries
To propose improvement
  • Critically analyse the results of the testing phase, to propose improvements in the curricula, the teaching methods, the quality processes
To develop and share outreach material and organise events to attract young people to studies leading to aviation careers
  • Provide a sound dissemination activity, to create greater public awareness as well as knowledge sharing